Aluminum is a very versatile metal that is easily machinable with a high strength, corrosion resistance, as well as great thermal conductivity.

Aluminum, unlike other metals takes care of itself. Exposed to air, it combines with oxygen to form a tough, transparent protective oxide coating.

Aluminum also comes in many finishes not available in other metals.
Painted, Plated, Laminated to Wood or Plastic, Anodized.

Aluminum also comes in many extruded shapes and alloys:

  • Alloy 2011: Highest machinability
  • Alloy 2014: High yield strength, low elongation, and good weldability
  • Alloy 2017: Better strength and wear resistance than 2011
  • Alloy 2024: “Aircraft Alloy” Highest tensile strength and fatigue strength
  • Alloy 6061: Highly versatile medium strength, exceptional corrosion resistance and weldability. Available in sheet and shapes

Aluminum Sheet:

  • 1100: Aluminum is the most weldable and responds well to decorative finish. Good for giftware. Ideal for jobs requiring intricate forming. Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • 3003: Most widely used , has manganese which increase it’s strength about 20% over 1100 aluminum.c
  • 5052: Highest strength of more common alloy sheets, excellent finishing characteristics and can be anodized bright and clear.
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